Breakfast Pastries


Sweet and Savory Danish, Assortment of Fruit, Cream, Ham, or Turkey Filled Danish 4.00

Palmier, Butter and Sugar Layered Flaky Puff Pastry             

Cinnamon Twist/Roll, Cinnamon And Sugar Dusted Twist / Cinnamon Roll with Caramel and Candied Pecan 3.00

Almond Croissant, Almond Frangipane Filled Croissant 3.50

Plain Croissant, Flaky and Buttery Classic French Pastry 3.00

Pan Au Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Filled Croissant 3.50

Muffin Du Jour, Daily Assortment Regular Muffins 3.50

Scone, Cranberry Orange Scone 3.50

Gluten Free Muffin Du Jour,* Daily Assortment Gluten Free Muffins 3.75